Down South
3091 Hwy 5 El Paso, Arkansas 72045
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About Us

Hey y'all!

There's no place like home and we truly believe home is the most important place on Earth. It's your sanctuary, canvas, story! We want to help you. A home that reflects the personalities and tells the stories of the people who live there. Resist comparison and fill your home with beautiful, functional, well-crafted things!

That's where we come in — welcome to the Down South! Owned and operated by a mother-daughter team, a dream that's been a long time in the making. Come shop our 8000 square foot showroom full of unique Southern-inspired furnishings, decor, and gifts. Offering one of a kind Farmhouse Tables and Old Door Keyhole Tables (Straight from Mexico) to Custom Order Barn Doors and Luxurious Mesquite Dining Tables inlaid with Turquoise. Nice selection of Iron Chandeliers and a large selection of lamps. Huge selection of throw pillows, bedding, area rugs, Milkhouse Candles, leather sofas and recliners, custom bars, bar stools, bedroom sets, sectionals, picture frames, hand-blown glassware from Mexico, original framed artwork, metal and wood Farmhouse inspired signs and our very own candle line.

We have created our niche for rustic...shabby...farmhouse...chic and added a little southwestern flair. It is with a grateful heart that we want to welcome you to Down South. It has been a dream of ours to create a space where you can come as you are and feel at home - but leave inspired, confident and empowered to try something new. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to visit us.

We can’t wait to see y’all Down South!

Meet Our Furniture Maker

Meet Our Furniture Maker

Meet Max Pintle

Our crafty furniture maker here at Down South, Max is the brains behind all things hand crafted and is able to help bring your furniture dreams into reality. Max has been building furniture for 36 years and loves having the opportunity to meet new customers and build unique pieces of furniture for them. Working at Down South has given him the chance to create a second family with his co-workers. Come meet Max today and talk to him about what he can create for you.

Meet Our Staff:

Donita Rinearson

Meet Donita Rinearson

As one of the owners at Down South, Donita is able to live out her dream every single day working happily alongside her daughter and husband. She feels a sense of connection to her business and finds much joy in working with employees that feel as if they’re family to her. With three years in the furniture industry, extensive sales and finance experience, and being a successful owner of two previous businesses in the last 26 years, Donita’s leadership takes her above and beyond within her business endeavors. Hard work and dedication has brought her to an exciting time in her life. Having the opportunity to hand pick the furniture that comes in to store and watch as her customers are filled with excitement is such a fulfilling feeling to her. Though she gets to pick many pieces that come into the store, one of her favorites would be the keyhole table made from a church in Mexico that was over 100 years old. The character in this piece reflects the character within the store! Donita loves the Down South family and urges you to come be a part of it and shop alongside them today.

Courtney Hawkings

Meet Courtney Hawkins

Courtney is a part of the mother-daughter duo that owns Down South! Owning Down South isn’t her first rodeo. Prior to this business she was able to learn many things from her former retail business that she owned for over 10 years. With love for her business in her heart, she also has a deep love for the unique and historical pieces that come into the store. The pieces made from the old church doors in Mexico hold a special place in her heart. With the original keyholes and door hinges, these pieces bring so much character and originality into the store. Courtney is living out her dream through this business. Given the opportunity to help other families tell their stories through their home is one of the most rewarding opportunities for Courtney. Being so much more than a job, working at Down South is a home away from home. Her family lies within the walls of the building where she gets to work with her actual family as well as her extended work family. Courtney hopes that you will come join the family fun with them and see what the store has to offer to help turn your house into a home.


Meet Stella

Stella is the life of the party here at Down South! With her fluffy coat and a great big smile, Stella is our beloved door greeter. Life is great when you're a Goldendoodle and you get to spend time with old and new friends all day long! Stella believes she works one of the most rewarding jobs as she gets lots of treats from the friendly guests that come to see her. Greeting all the new friends is hard work so when things slow down you will often find her napping on all of her bean bags, especially her special one upfront that has her toys. Stella is dedicated to putting a smile on your face and hopes you will come swing by and say hi today!

Randy Rinearson

Meet Randy Rinearson

Randy is the Down South office manager. He's been working in the furniture industry for three years, however, he has been in business management for over 36! Randy's favorite piece from Down South would be the United Leather Malone recliner. Between its good looks and extreme comfort, he couldn't resist buying one for himself. Though he considers himself semi-retired, Randy loves to spend time in-store with his wife and daughter. Between the friendly atmosphere, positive attitude, customer commitment, and family ownership, Down South makes the perfect place to spend his days in comfort. When not in store, you may be able to find Randy flipping homes or fishing. Randy loves his lifestyle and is here to help make sure you love yours too.

Shannon Roberts

Meet Shannon Roberts

Shannon wears many hats here at Down South! Working as the IT manager, a sales associate, and decorator along with eight years of experience she is able to help her co-workers and customers with just about any problem! Her favorite thing to help them with is selecting furniture that will turn their house into a home. This rewarding job is something that she’s dreamed of doing since she was a little girl growing up around other interior designers. With inspiration in her heart, she is happy to help her customers find their own inspiration. The hidden gems within Down South are endless, however, her absolute favorite would be the 10’ Viga Dining Table made from the wood of a church that was over 100 years old. The history and beauty of this piece are encaptivating. Shannon hopes to help her customers find furniture that encaptivates them as this table does her and that's one of the many reasons she loves her job at Down South.


Meet Nick Lafferty

After 21 years in the automotive industry, Nick wanted a change in scenery. As of October 2020 Nick is our new warehouse/delivery manager. Nick brings countless years of sales and management knowledge with him, making him the perfect addition to our team. His favorite part of the job is traveling our beautiful state and meeting our amazing customers, with their perfectly chosen furniture pieces, as well as everyone's dedication to the company, the family atmosphere and obviously getting to hang out with Stella everyday. His favorite pieces in the store are the Sofia and Estates bedroom groups because of their grandeur and craftsmanship, he says they really make a statement. Nick hopes to meet you all at Down South one day!


Meet Jacqueline Kamer

Jacqueline was a welcome addition to the Down South Family, bringing 5 years retail experience with her. Her favorite part of the job is meeting our wonderful customers and helping them choose their perfect, one-of-a kind piece. Jacqueline says the family environment here is a huge bonus and one of her main goals is to help the customers feel like part of that family. She says the endless amounts of hand crafted pieces at Down South make it extremely hard to pick a favorite, however the turn leg sofa table caught her attention from the first day. The craftmanship of using non-power hand tools to make something so exquisite just amazes her.

Jacqueline can't wait to greet you at Down South and show you some of her favorite pieces.

Matthew Johnson

Meet Matthew Johnson

Matthew works in our warehouse. A part of the warehouse shipping and receiving industry for five years and furniture industry for 2 years, Matthew is eager to see what is in store for his future with Down South. Along with the amazing family environment, his favorite thing in the store is the Charleston bedroom set. Between the color and design, this set is very representative of his personality. Matthew absolutely loves working at Down South and hopes to see you in store.